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If you ask people name their favorite aspects of life at Smith, chances are that they’ll say "the community." With a diverse student population from all 50 states and countries around the world, and 教师 and staff members from all walks of life, the Smith community is one of acceptance, 包容, 和庆祝. Three offices across campus—the Office for 股本 & 包容, the 宗教中心 & 精神生活, and the Office of 多元文化事务—together form the 股本 & 加入团队, 工作ing together to ensure community members of all backgrounds can live, 工作, and study happily and authentically with the support and resources they need.

股本 & 包容

心. 思想. 系统. That’s what we get to 工作 on in the Office for 股本 and 包容. Through individual and community engagement, we reach hearts. Through inclusive education and programming, we nourish minds. Through institutional change and collaborations across the college, we realign systems. 所有这一切都是为了改善和丰富澳门葡京博彩软件学生的教育和工作经验, 教职员工.

澳门葡京博彩软件 fosters access to knowledge, discovery and communication through research and education, and the creation and sustenance of a community of scholars, 学生及教职员. We can realize these goals only in an atmosphere of trust and respect. 的 college aspires to create and maintain an educational, 尊重差异,避免骚扰行为的工作和生活环境.

To foster trust and respect in a diverse community, 澳门葡京博彩软件鼓励社区成员以肯定彼此尊重的方式行事. Within an academic institution, 教学, 研究和学习受到学院学术自由政策中所述的保护. 在学术课程和教学环境中使用的行为或语言,为合法合理的教育目的服务,不会被评估为违反禁止某些行为的政策, sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination.

在一个多元化的社区, disagreements and conflicts, with varying degrees of seriousness, 是不可避免的. 的 college strongly encourages informal resolution of disputes and conflicts. Many issues are best resolved by direct communication between the individuals involved, sometimes with the help of a third party. 社区成员应该真诚地尝试调解他们之间的分歧. 为此目的, all members of the Smith community are encouraged to use the deans, academic department chairs, 主管和本网站列出的工作人员讨论所关注的问题并寻求解决分歧的办法.

With a firm commitment to promoting racial justice, 澳门葡京博彩软件社区正在采取具体措施,在学院建立一个更加公正和包容的学术和工作环境. This requires every department and office to reflect on the past, study data from the present, and develop ways for their unit to move toward a more racially just future.

Learn more about Smith’s racial justice action planning 倡议.

Floyd Cheung in front of a bookshelf.


真正的合作, deep learning and transformational scholarship at 澳门葡京博彩软件 call for every student, 教师 and staff member to feel a sense of belonging. As Heather McGhee reminds us in 我们的总和, “racism costs everyone” but by addressing it, “we can prosper together.“教育, 部门一级的反思和行动规划将有助于我们实现推进种族正义的机构目标. This is necessary and important 工作, and we deepen it together. 我和我在公平与包容办公室的团队以及整个学院的合作者都期待着与你们合作的每一步.
—Floyd Cheung, Vice President for 股本 & 包容

关于办公室 Policies, Forms, and Resources

宗教 & 精神生活

澳门葡京博彩软件 宗教中心 & 精神生活 offers guidance and pastoral care through a lens of mutuality and exploration, 我们合作,以优雅和勇气应对威胁我们生活的事件. We are invested in what Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and others before him called the “beloved community,” a dynamic vision in which the worth, 每个人的尊严和承诺都受到尊重,我们努力作为地球及其生物的管家生活在其中.

澳门葡京博彩软件 宗教中心 & 精神生活 offers a unique setting for student engagement. You’ll find holiday and holy day celebrations, 无伴奏音乐会, 宗教文本研究, intriguing discussions and fresh-baked cookies—sometimes happening all at the same time.

We tailor the programs and activities we offer each semester to students’ questions, 关注点和想法. Some of our popular programs include Soup, 沙拉 & 灵魂, 考虑到周一, 穆斯林礼拜午餐, 每周冥想, and our annual Interfaith Sundae event.

We meet with students at the chapel, as well as in student houses, 餐厅, the Campus Center and for walks along the pond. Drop by the chapel anytime to visit, hang out or study. Our staff are also available to meet with students by appointment. We want all Smith students to feel there is a place for them here. 我们努力确保你在这里茁壮成长所需要的一切——无论是符合你饮食要求的食物, 听的心, religious community to worship or celebrate with, or a companion on your spiritual journey.

的 宗教中心 & 精神生活 hosts spaces for student activities, 比如祈祷, 宗教仪式, 小组会议, 表演 and for simply hanging out. 这些空间大多位于海伦希尔斯教堂,但其他空间可能在校园周围找到.

Helen Hills Hills Chapel Sanctuary

圣所是一个神圣而神圣的空间,许多不同信仰传统的宗教仪式都在这里举行. Through the use of its resources such as a flexible floor plan, AV系统, and wonderful acoustics, students have found the Sanctuary to be a welcoming space that supports their rituals, 表演, 和实践. 文化庆祝活动和心爱的澳门葡京博彩软件传统,如学士学位和宠物宠物日发生在空间, as do meditations and mindfulness programs.


Located in the chapel’s lower level, 博德曼休息室 has couches, 无线网络, a library of religious texts and a Zoom Room system. We encourage informal use of the space without a reservation, 但是学生们, 教师, and staff can reserve the space for events. 的 space accommodates 25 people, and can be accessed by a flight of stairs or the elevator at the rear of the building. Bodman is a true interfaith space and there are representations, 包括图书馆, 不同的宗教, spiritual and wisdom traditions.


的 kitchen is located in the lower level of the chapel. It has been recently updated, and is conveniently connected to 博德曼休息室. 的 CRSL team is excited to use this space when hosting such programs as Soup, 沙拉, 和灵魂, 跨信仰午餐, 和Spirituali-Tea. 的 kitchen is not available for reservation.

Reflect, Resist, Rejuvenate Lounge

RRR休息室是一个沉思的等候区和冥想室,适合任何传统的人. We welcome anyone to meditate on a cushion or sit quietly on a couch, 杂志, 草图, read poetry or a sacred text or any literature that is contemplative for you. We ask that this room be free from social media use, and that technology use be limited. If you need to 工作 on a computer, we warmly welcome you to any other space in the building that is available. To reserve under specific circumstances, fill out a 预订表单.


蓝屋是一个不可保留的安静空间,位于海伦山教堂的低层,用于冥想练习, 祈祷或冥想. Resources in the 蓝色的房间 include religious texts, 祈祷地毯, 冥想的枕头, 编钟, 和蜡烛, and the cardinal directions are marked on the walls. 的 蓝色的房间 is a sacred space. 任何使用该空间的人都被要求脱掉鞋子,只用于与空间目的一致的活动. No food or drink is permitted in this space. Groups may use the room, but louder or larger 小组会议 are asked to please reserve a different space, such as the 博德曼休息室.


的 chapel houses a mobile Hindu prayer space currently located in the Reflect, Resist and Rejuvenate Lounge, lower level of the chapel. 它配备了图像,香和宗教文本,是印度教崇拜和祈祷的地方.

Wright Hall Prayer Space

的 Wright Hall Prayer Space, featured above and to the left, is located in Wright 004 and is a non-reservable quiet, contemplative space for anyone in the Smith community to pray, 反思或冥想. Resources include religious texts and 祈祷地毯, 蜡烛, and the cardinal directions are marked on the wall. This space is meant as a space of solace and is not intended for 小组会议. 如果你想使用这个空间,请联系莫林·劳彻或金·奥尔斯顿.

If you would like to use this space, please contact 莫林·劳赫 or 金正日阿尔斯通 for access or questions about using the space.


的 kosher community kitchen (warmly referred to as the "K"), 位于约旦之家,在餐饮服务和拉比/犹太学生顾问的指导下,通过宗教和精神生活中心(CRSL)。“K”是澳门葡京博彩软件犹太社区组织(SCJC)与CRSL合作赞助的星期五晚上安息日服务的主要地点. It is centered around Jewish tradition and community, and Rabbi Noam will occasionally hold individual or small group sessions there. On Fridays it is usual to find the space teeming with choppers, 潜在的厨师, 洗碗机, and others prepping for Shabbat. During the academic year, some special holiday events, and other occasional Jewish programming activities are held at the K.

Local congregations are very welcoming to students, and offer worship and other programs that are open to the public. 签出 list of local congregations and places of worship.


我们为有兴趣参加校外敬拜的学生提供交通工具. 看到 Jandon Center’s website 了解更多信息. Contact the 宗教中心 and 精神生活 (413-585-2750) for details.

澳门葡京博彩软件的共同空间感和对学习的承诺使我们成为一个强大的社区. 一个慷慨地参与讨论的社区会发展壮大,使群体变得更强大,甚至更有知识.
Julianne Ohotnicky, Dean of 学生 and Associate Vice President for Campus Life


Office of 多元文化事务 致力于在有色人种学生中塑造一个强大的社区,同时促进对澳门葡京博彩软件社区文化多样性的理解. 该办公室强调那些认为自己是有色人种学生的兴趣和需求, beginning with the first-year pre-orientation program, 桥. 多元文化事务办公室的工作人员致力于为有色人种学生提供指导和宣传,帮助他们度过澳门葡京博彩软件的经历.


的 姆旺吉文化中心 opened as the Afro-American Cultural Center in 1968. In 1973, the center was renamed to honor Dr. Ng 'endo Mwangi, a member of the Smith class of 1961 and the first female physician in Kenya, for her dedication and service to her community. 2017年冬天, the center underwent an extensive renovation project resulting in a new study lounge, 会议室, 接待区, 行政管理办公室, unity 工作 room and expanded multipurpose room.

的 center continues to be an important cornerstone on campus, 为文化组织和有色人种学生提供一个物理空间,让他们参与整体规划, host intellectually enriching discussions and effectively build community. 学生 can look forward to innovative programming, expanded resources and a “platform for possibility.”

姆旺吉文化中心 Spring 2023 Hours 
的 Center’s hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to midnight and Saturday through Sunday from 11 a.m. 到晚上11点.m.


团结之家是由11个文化组织组成的联盟的总部. Unity成立于1991年,当时几个澳门葡京博彩软件学生组织的领导人联合起来创建了一个伞状组织. 统一的房子 serves as the home for the Asian 学生’ Association, the Black 学生’ Alliance, the Chinese Interregional Student Cultural Organization, EKTA (students of South Asian heritage), Indigenous Smith 学生 and Allies, the International 学生’ Organization, the Korean 学生 Association, the Latin American 学生’ Organization, Multiethnic Interracial Smith (MISC), 澳门葡京博彩软件非洲和加勒比学生协会和越南学生协会. 统一的房子 continues to be the organizing hub of multicultural affairs at Smith.

Our commitment to fostering a strong, 多元化的社区包括为我们的学生提供校内和校外的资源和工具,让他们在过最真实的生活的同时茁壮成长.

We partner and collaborate with the other Five College institutions and with groups across campus to help you get what you need, when you need it.


L 'Tanya Richmond, M ..A., Dean of 多元文化事务

Dean Richmond is responsible for the strategic leadership, vision and management of multicultural affairs. 她致力于项目和政策,最大限度地提高学生的个人发展和学术卓越的机会. Dean Richmond oversees the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship program, 应急基金, the Mwangi Fund and all multicultural student-directed services.

电子邮件: lrichmon@monarchtokens.com  
安排时间 to meet on Mondays and Fridays, 2–3:30 p.m.

LTanya Richmond at her desk.